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Hey I’m Mayra! Also known as Satya Prem by my fellow yogis.


I’m a food lover, kundalini yoga and meditation passionate, and flower fairy, but above all that, I consider myself an advocate of AUTHENTIC, UNAPOLOGETIC, RADICAL SELF -LOVE. 


How did everything start? Well, like almost everyone, with a life changing experience. In my case, it started with a broken heart. Things were going all wrong around me and in me, so I started going to a kundalini yoga studio I had next door.  I went to my first class, and as soon as the kriya started my ego went down! It was a challenging kriya and even when I was beat down with the challenge of that class I was in heaven.  The more I practiced, the more Kundalini yoga helped me get really conscious about my body and to join the points together: What I consumed – food, relationships, products, my environment, my thoughts, my emotions – was all affecting my whole life and my health big time. 


As a child, though my adolescence and my early 20’s I suffered from constant digestion problems, digesting food was really painful, but more so, digesting life. I was struggling with deep unhealed wounds that were preventing me to simply accept and love myself enough to feel good in my own skin, to say no when I needed to, and to create loving compassionate boundaries with others.   


Creating consciousness about this helped me make the decision to change my lifestyle habits for good. So, I started a journey of self-discovery, try and error, experimentation with healing therapies and practicing deep listening to what my body, mind and soul wanted to tell me. 


So, I learned… I learned that the mind is powerful and what we think we create. That I have the power to choose and that my body reflects my emotions. I also learned that selecting wholesome foods, taking loving care of my body, allowing my mind to clear, nourishing my soul with a daily meditation and yoga practice and creating authentic relationships, was all part of loving myself. I’ll slip a little secret… so it is for you. 


I want to share this with you, you can change your story and rewrite your present. Everything that we do to nourish ourselves is an act of radical love.  What we eat, how we eat it, who we hang out with, where, when. How we take care of ourselves, it all comes to the same thing, LOVE. Authentic, unapologetic, radical self-love.

I’ve created Tulsi and Rose as a nourishing hub to help you unveil
the best version of you, a space to guide you find
The Love that you Are.
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Integrative Nutrition* Health Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist with 1,000 hrs from Puerto Rico Massage and Bodywork Institute, Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher by The Kundalini Research Institute (KRI 200h) specialized in Stress and Vitality, Authentic Relationships and Conscious Communication (KRI Level 2), Reiki Master Usui Method (Mildred Alejandro, AMA) Flower Therapy Healer (Robert Reeves, ND). I was as well trained in Ayurvedic Therapies at the Pancha Karma Clinic in the Ayurvedic Institute, NM and by the Ritz Carlton Forbes Five Stars Standards.   


My formation began in Communications. I have a BA in Information Science with a concentration in Journalism, and a Master’s Degree in Theory and Practice of the Creative Documentary Film from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with a specialization on 35mm Film Production and Direction from Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya. I worked in Barcelona for around four years in the Film Industry and it was in that space of time that I experienced Kundalini Yoga, practice that changed her life completely.


My passion for Yoga, health and Holistic Arts brought me to train in other diverse modalities such as Myofascial Release (Til Lucheau, Advance Trainings), Flower Essences (A Flower’s Power, Sarah Crow), Cranosacral Therapy (Upleadgger Institute) Color and Sound Therapy (Mildred Alejandro, Aromas, Manos, Amor).  

About Tulsi & Rose

Tulsi & Rose’s intention is to lead you towards nourishment in all of you: body, mind, and soul, so you can enjoy of a beautiful juicy life. And you may ask, Why Tulsi & Rose? Well, these are two very powerful plants with two very powerful flowers. Tulsi also known as sacred basil, or albahaca santa it’s one of the most sacred plants in India. This delicate aromatic plant guides you to open the heart and mind. It invites you to live with compassion, clarity and faith and increases the Prana or vital energy. It soothes the nervous system and it is considered to improve the quality of the seed of consciousness. And then, Rose, which is also known as the queen of flowers.  Her beauty reminds us of our own and her aroma, of the sweetness of life. Rose’s vibration is the purest and most positive among living beings. She reminds us to embrace passion into all aspects of life.  Tulsi and Rose comprise all this with the aim of sharing them with you so you can feel empowered to create a healthy beautiful life.