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Kundalini Yoga is PRACTICAL and POWERFUL. It works quickly to give you grace, balance, and, most of all, the ability to remain calm, centered and clear through life's constant changes.


With every practice, you grow because it takes you out of your comfort zone aka where the magic happens. I like to describe it like a subconscious map that helps you gain new perspectives and capacities, as well as habits that support a healthy lifestyle.


The best part of all,  you can achieve results from the very first class because Kundalini Yoga meets you where you are. Even though sometimes we'll have some challenging postures, the real deal is that anyone can do it. If you can breathe and lean in the right direction, you'll benefit.


It helps you fell more vibrant and alive because every kriya or set of exersices works on balancing the Endocrine System and strengthening the Nervous System.


Kundalini Yoga gives you the EXPERIENCE of your own consciousness. It’s a technology that can lead you to your PURPOSE! 


In each class we meditate, do kriyas, experience breathing techniques, and recite mantras. All the great ingredients to feel good!

Join the Experience!

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